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If you are looking for information on the Avatar® Course see our website TheAvatarCourse.com

Calendar of Events

for Avatar Masters – AMERICAS NETWORK

International Avatar® Course in Orlando!

Jan. 13-21, 2024

Join your sangha and experience the joy of delivering together in person – again! Start your new year with the adventure of a lifetime. Come together as an aligned team and magnify the power of being in service – together. Talk to your QM for details!

Registration will be available soon!

Avatar Wizard Series Part 2: Empowerment – NEW!
November 4-8 • Online

Part 2: Empowerment is designed to introduce aspects of awareness, perception and consciousness that often go unnoticed. It provides advanced instruction in shifting the mind between thoughts, beliefs and different modes of operation. Wizards explore firsthand the connection between mental states and experience, resulting in deeper applied wisdom. Empowerment opens the door to employing higher awareness for everyday use.

9am – 3pm EDT


Foundation Wizard’s Review Day!
September 24

Come use the tools and take everything to a deeper level. Discover the next level of unfoldment.

Take this opportunity to get aligned and get registered for the NEW Wizard Series Part 2: Empowerment.

8-11am or 11:30-2:30 pm EDT

“Dear Harry, I am very impressed with Wizard Series 2. Working on archetypes gave me a huge relief and now I have more appreciation for myself and where I am in my life. I have freed myself from judgments, self-imposed pressure and regained a deep joy and respect for life, myself and others. Practicing empathy freed me from long unintegrated creations with people. This tools are BRILLIANT!!!! THANK YOU HARRY LOVE LOVE LOVE” – Ania Z., Poland

The Avatar Course
Sept. 29 – Oct. 8 Online

Experience the joy of supporting someone’s awakening, as an intern! No matter where you are on your path, service to others moves everything forward.

“This internship is beyond words! The empowerment is such that I find myself collecting wins! Doors closed for many years, suddenly open!! Grace is flowing…and students too!” -Chantal L

The Avatar Course
Oct. 13 – 22 • In-Person

Join your team and bring your students to an in-person course in Santa Rosa, California! Experience being in service and be part of someone’s awakening. Get all the details at:


or contact:
Beth White 408-763-6774
Audrey Scopilliti 773-677-6735
Beth Edwards 206-619-3045


Book Club – Weekly

The Book Club will now be doing ReSurfacing® exercises weekly!

Need some inspiration? Some connection? Gather with other Masters and dive more deeply into the books, the exercises & sharing perspectives!

Book Club – weekly: Wed & Thurs at 7pm

Book Club Sign Up

Thoughtstorm® will resume at a later time.


Take some time to contribute to shifting what’s happening for us all on the planet right now!

8 pm – 8:45pm EST

Contact Beth White bethwhiteavatar@aol.com or (408) 763-6774


Exploration for Masters! Share perspectives and learn to explore together, even when there is charge around a topic.

Wednesdays, Weekly at 6pm EST

Call Rebecca for more info! (505) 699-6129

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Online mini courses!

See all available courses and languages at the link below. Lifetime access!

The online interactive versions of the “mini” courses are different from the book/download versions. The fully online versions are dynamic – there are new diagrams, charts, pictures, video and audio to improve understanding of the exercises and concepts. Use them for yourself, your prospects and students!